FitCo Adjustable Dumbbells

Problem: The dial on one or both sides won't turn


  1. First solution is to make sure the dumbbell is properly seated in the dock and that all the weight discs are in the correct position. If one dial spins and the other doesn't, compare the two sides to make sure the plates are in the correct order. If this doesn't work, don't force the dial, try one of the next steps.
  2. Take the dumbbell with the stuck dial out of the rack and flip it over (even if it has weight discs on it). You'll see a white button underneath near the handle on the side that is stuck. If you push that button down (it can be stiff) you will be able to spin the weight selection dial. As you hold down the white button, spin the dial and take the discs off the stuck side. Once all the discs are removed, put them in their proper slot on the dock with the steel hook facing out. While holding the white button down, spin the dial to 5lbs, then release the button and replace the empty dumbbell on the dock with the discs in their proper position.
  3. When the dumbbells are out of the base, you'll see two steel hooks to the north and south of the center depression in the base that looks like a cup holder. Please make sure that these are at a 90 degree angle to the base. If these are bent down toward the base accidentally, it can prevent the white button described in step 2 from being depressed when the handle is in the base. An easy fix here if they are bent down is to gently bend them back up so they depress the white button under the handle.